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The 3 Secrets to Preparing for Life After Graduation as an Engineering Student

Things YOU can do RIGHT NOW in order to ensure you are well prepared for your future career and are the best possible candidate for your dream job.
Stand out from the crowd. Attract the job you've dreamed about. Build the career you desire.

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Mostafa El Mogy Structural Engineering 101

Dr. Mostafa El-Mogy

Ph. D, P. Eng.

Professor of Engineering and Mentor

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12:00 PM


Noah Moscovitch Structural Engineering Basics

Noah Moscovitch

P. Eng.

Senior Engineer and Mentor

What you’ll discover on this FREE LIVE training:

  • What most engineering students never learn during their studies but wish they had (including us!) 
  • The 3 things that you can be doing right now to better your chances of landing a great engineering job (even if you are still in school).
  • How you can leverage this time at home away from school or work to invest in yourself and come out of this ahead!

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