The 3 Secrets to Preparing for Life After Graduation as an Engineering Student.

Stand out from the crowd. Attract the job you've dreamed about. Build the career you desire.

Preparing YOU for Life After Graduation as an Engineering Student

In this short webinar, Noah & Mostafa discuss 3 secrets they wish they had known when they were graduating from university and pursuing a career in engineering. These tips will help make you stand out from your fellow students, become an attractive candidate for the top firms to hire, and navigate life as an engineer in the real world. 

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engineering student andy

ANDY - ENGINEER in training

After taking your course, it made me realize how unprepared I was in my final years of my engineering degree. I really wish someone had told me to network and practice my people skills when I was a student. I always thought that doing stuff like that was a waste of time, and focusing on my studies was more important. They made me realize that building networking skills and other soft skills takes time. Mostafa and Noah have done a great job at explaining why preparing for life after graduation as early as possible is so important.


As an engineering student getting ready to graduate, I found the content very helpful as barely any of my professors and advisers have prepared me for what to expect once I graduate. I also enjoyed the technical writing slides that were provided. I know others will benefit from them, as a good majority of students are unsure how to format their thoughts and key points. Overall I think the course was very well done and I am now confident I know what it takes to get the job I want. Great job!