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10-Hour Structural Engineer Training Program to Take Your Career & Your Business to the Next Level

This online course is taught by structural engineers Noah and Mostafa who, combined, have over 20 years of on-site experience. During their fertile careers, they worked on many high-ticket projects, such as a 14-story apartment building in Winnipeg and a Royal Mecca Tower in Saudi Arabia, one of the tallest buildings in the world.

Inside the course, Noah and Mostafa reveal expert tips you can’t find in books and walk you through the basics of structural engineering, from construction materials to structural drawings. The lessons will empower you to make better decisions, minimize misunderstandings with engineers, and get your projects right the first time.

What’s more, you can share your new knowledge with your entire team, help them acquire this vital skill, and help ensure your business gets all the best new projects in your region.

Inside the member’s area, you’ll get access to 80+ video lessons, PDF overviews of each lesson, assignments and quizzes, and an exclusive Facebook group open to course participants only.

skyscrapers for structural engineering basics

Structural Engineering Basics Course Syllabus

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Introduction

1.0 - Who we are
1.1 - Who this course is for
1.2 - Course outline
1.3 - Outcomes of taking this course
1.4 - What is structural engineering?
1.5 - What do structural engineers do?
1.6 - Types of structural engineering projects
1.7 - Memorable structural engineering failures
1.8 - Structural engineering achievements

Assignments & Quizzes

Lesson 2: Loads

2.0 - What are loads?
2.1 - Dead loads
2.2 - Live loads
2.3 - Snow loads
2.4 - Wind loads
2.5 - Earthquake loads
2.6 - Earth pressure and surcharge loads
2.7 - Use of building codes and factors of safety
2.8 - Load combinations and importance factors
2.9 - Live loads in building codes
2.10 - Snow, wind and earthquakes in building codes
2.11 - Snow buildup

Assignments & Quizzes

Lesson 3: Construction Materials

3.0 - Introduction and types of materials
3.1 - Concrete - Ingredients
3.2 - Concrete - Mixing
3.3 - Concrete - Testing
3.4 - Concrete - Formwork and reinforcing
3.5 - Concrete - Precast and post tensioned
3.6 - Steel - Background
3.7 - Steel - Composite Deck
3.8 - Steel - Piles and shoring
3.9 - Wood - Hardwood and softwood
3.10 - Wood - Engineered wood
3.11 - Wood - Fasteners
3.12 - Masonry - Background
3.13 - Masonry - Testing
3.14 - Masonry in a building system

Assignments & Quizzes

Lesson 4: Structural Elements

4.0 - Components of a structure
4.1 - Deck, joists, beams, trusses and slabs
4.2 - Columns and bearing walls
4.3 - Diaphragms
4.4 - Diagonal bracing
4.5 - Shearwalls
4.6 - Girts
4.7 - Connections
4.8 - Foundation walls and grade beams
4.9 - Shallow foundations
4.10 - Deep foundations
4.11 - Geotechnical investigations

Assignments & Quizzes

Lesson 5: Load Transfer & Structural Analysis/Design

5.0 - Intro and types of loading - Part 1
5.1 - Intro and types of loading - Part 2
5.2 - Load transfer
5.3 - Types of stresses
5.4 - Types of failures in structural elements
5.5 - Analysis and design - Intro
5.6 - Analysis and design - Reinforced concrete
5.7 - Analysis and design - Joists and Trusses
5.8 - Analysis and design - Hollowcore
5.9 - Analysis and design - Columns
5.10 - Analysis and design - Exterior walls

Assignments & Quizzes

Lesson 6: Structural Drawings

6.0 - Structural vs. Architectural drawings
6.1 - Structural plans
6.2 - Structural elevations and sections
6.3 - Schedules
6.4 - General notes
6.5 - Shop drawings
6.6 - Building Information Modelling (BIM) - Part 1
6.7 - Building Information Modelling (BIM) - Part 2

Assignments & Quizzes

Lesson 7: Tips for Architects

7.0 - Reinforcing structures - Part 1
7.1 - Reinforcing structures - Part 2
7.2 - Reinforcing structures - Part 3
7.3 - Removing columns and bearing walls
7.4 - Girt requirements
7.5 - Partition walls
7.6 - Brick veneers supports
7.7 - Shear walls and cross bracing
7.8 - Building shape

Lesson 8: Tips for Homeowners

8.0 - Load bearing elements - Part 1
8.1 - Load bearing elements - Part 2
8.2 - Partition Walls
8.3 - Connections
8.4 - Foundations - Part 1
8.5 - Foundations - Part 2
8.6 - Permits

Lesson 9: Tips for Contractors

9.0 - Concrete - Part 1
9.1 - Concrete - Part 2
9.2 - Foundations
9.3 - Diaphragms
9.4 - Construction Loads
9.5 - Quality Assurance and Quality Control

This course is for YOU if you...

Lead a busy life. Watch our videos whenever it fits your schedule and from any place.

Like to learn at your own pace. What you need are on-demand videos that you can pause, rewind, or speed up.

Want to save money. Know exactly why and how your budget is spent during construction and keep engineers in check.

Think of education as an investment. This course will not only save you money in the long run, but also immediately advance your career.

Want to feel in control. Learning about structural engineering is the best antidote to anxiety, frustration, and overwhelm during the design and construction phase of a project.

Prefer learning from experts. You want to learn from someone with practical experience who can teach you what works in real life, not just on paper.

Structural Engineering Will Ignite Your Career and
Grow Your Business 

steel structural building beams

Many architects say things like:

Why should I have to compromise my innovative design just to accommodate some structural engineer who is OVER designing?!

I wish I had a better understanding of HOW structural engineers make their decisions, so I could challenge their work & not have to waste so much time going back and forth!

What's taking the engineer so long?! Designing a structure shouldn't be so complicated!

But here’s the thing: no matter how much engineers are getting on your nerves, structural engineering matters and isn’t going anywhere.

Structures add muscles and bones to buildings, keep them from collapsing, and make them safe to use. This makes structures a vital part of every project, and knowledge of structural engineering a priceless skill to have.

So, you could keep fighting your engineers every step of the way and feeling lost during the design process… or you could 
embrace structural engineering, ignite your career, and grow your business instead.

Nowadays, your clients expect you to do SO much more than just the work you specialize in. They want all-around building experts that can execute and finish projects without issues coming up that costs them extra $$$.

They want architects that can do it all and take the project entirely off their plate—not architects that will force them to look for additional help and create new money-draining issues.

That’s where the Structural Engineering Basics course comes in.

Whether you’re a solo contractor or have a team, it will help you become irreplaceable at your workplace, position yourself as the leading construction expert in your region, and land more clients than you can handle.

What’s Included In the Course?

contractor studying structural engineering online

80+ video lessons

Learn from videos organized in 9 modules, covering everything from construction materials to structural drawings.

Certificate of completion

Get proof that you’ve taken the most comprehensive course on the basics of structural engineering
available online.

Assignments, quizzes, and reference material

Test your knowledge and learn how to apply it on real-world

PDF overview of each lesson

Refresh your knowledge in a heartbeat by skimming through our notes for each lesson.

Feedback on your progress

Post your assignments in our private Facebook group and get feedback from us and your peers.

Insider tips from experts

Take advantage of the lessons we learned the hard way during
our careers.

Meet Your Instructors

Hi. We’re Noah and Mostafa.

Combined, we have over 20 years of practical experience as structural engineers. We work with architects, building owners, and contractors every day.

This made us realize how overwhelmed you feel just by just talking to structural engineers, let alone working side to side with them.

Why We Created This Program

You don’t speak their language and they don’t speak yours.

You’re frustrated by delays and changes your engineers demand.

They’re frustrated by you, fellow professionals, not understanding their role.

We hear you—structural engineers can be difficult to understand, not to mention how unnecessarily complicated books and courses on structural engineering get…

Here’s the problem, though. If you want to send clients flocking your way and become the go-to person for all new projects in your area… you must learn our language.

Otherwise, you’ll be either pushed out by your better-informed competition, or experience a ton of headaches and unnecessary money-draining issues during design and construction.

To help you fight this, we dug up your most pressing questions and answered them in a simple, easy-to-understand language that we use throughout this comprehensive training.

We also shared some insider tips that helped architects with multiple projects during our careers.

You don’t need an engineering background to keep up with our lessons—or pay us thousands of dollars to enroll.

We made this course as affordable as possible, so that we can help as many architects like you understand their engineers better, save money and time, and enjoy their job more.

3 Ways Structural Engineering Basics Course Helps 
You Advance Your Career


● Learn from 80+ videos organized in 9 modules that cover loads, construction materials, structural drawings, and more.
● Revise what you’ve learned with PDF overviews of each lesson or by pausing and rewinding our videos.


● Solve assignments based on real-world projects so that you can put your knowledge into action during construction.
● Brush up on your knowledge with in-course quizzes and get instant assessment of your progress.

Become an expert

● Post your assignments and follow-up questions in our private group to get feedback from us and fellow course participants.
● Attend our regular office hours to get answers to your questions from two engineers with a ton of on-site experience.

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What Our Students Are Saying

Kareem - Real Estate Investor

Wes - Contract Administrator at Architecture Firm

Stan - Owner of Contracting Company

        Monika - Project Manager

"I would like to thank Noah and Mostafa from the Structural Engineering Basics team who provided us with an amazing engineering course to my Powerblock team! I was looking for months for a course that can be easily understandable for my structural management crew so they can refresh their memory in all the engineering behind the structural elements on a home. And more importantly a perfect course for new hires. I feel like my company’s knowledge is stronger and I highly recommend any business doing shell construction, whether residential or commercial, to use these courses for their employees. Like they say.... Knowledge is power and we’re definitely more knowledgeable here at Powerblock Builders!

Oscar Villeda 



“As a current homeowner and future homeowner of a newly built house, I feel that the videos and information provided by the Structural Engineering Basics team have empowered me to know more about the basic concepts and elements that incorporate the structural design of a house. This has educated me on the background and reasons for the design in question, but it has also allowed me to challenge and question particular aspects of the design for my new house. I have new found appreciation for structural engineering and would recommend this education series to any aspiring homeowner such as myself who wants to sleep better at night!”

Marko B.



“As a recent graduate just starting out in structural engineering, this course was tremendously helpful for me to connect what I have learned in school with how it is applied in the real world. Noah and Mostafa's teaching style kept my attention and I liked being able to learn from professional engineers currently working in the industry. Thanks guys!”

Andy L.

Engineer in Training


“I am not going to lie, but when Noah reached out to me, I was skeptical at first. I didn't think that they could offer me anything that would be beneficial towards what I do as a Project Manager. But when I went through the course, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of content that provided value to what I do. The knowledge I gained made it easier to review drawings, communicate with structural engineers and complete site reviews.”

Ben B.

Development Project Manager

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How long will I have access to this course?

You’ll get lifetime access to this course. You can pick up where you left off at any time or watch the entire course again to brush up on your skills.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes. You’ll find two group plans that offer big savings above, but we also offer custom plans for businesses that need to purchase more than 10 licenses for their team. Contact us

How long will it take me to complete this course?

Considering we offer on-demand videos you can watch at your own pace, it’s entirely up to you when you’ll finish the course. In total, our recordings are just over 10 hours long.

Do you really offer refunds?

Yes. We do, however, require you to complete the course before asking for a refund and explain why you believe the course didn’t deliver on its promises. Keep in mind that refunds are only available within 60 days of your purchase.

Can I get a sneak peek of the course first?

Sure. Please go [here] to enroll in our free intro course.

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